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  • Angela Leakey

What you should do after a car accident

No one wants to think about it happening to them, but do you know what to do when you’re in a car accident?

1. REMAIN IN YOUR VEHICLE - This is so important. If you are on a busy road or at a busy intersection and get out of your vehicle you could easily be severely damaged if another vehicle was to hit you, your vehicle or any other vehicle involved. Once you know that the scene is safe for you to exit your vehicle check for injuries in the other vehicle or vehicles involved.

Stay calm! Asses your injuries and those of your passengers. Call 911 and report the accident and request an ambulance if necessary.

2. DO NOT ADMIT FAULT – Sometimes we know that it is obvious that we are at fault, however, you should NEVER admit fault when you give your statement to the police or the other driver at the scene of the accident. It is the job of the insurance company and sometimes the police to determine who is at fault. Often times you might be surprised at the outcome.

3. TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES­ – If possible, take as many pictures of the accident scene as you safely can before the vehicles are moved to the side of the road. Any pictures you can get will help your insurance company when determining fault. If you aren’t able to take pictures before you move the cars, do your best to document the damages to both vehicles.

4. CONTACT YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY – Call your insurance agent as soon as possible. Your agent will talk with you about your options for turning in a claim either through your insurance policy or through the other parties insurance policy.

There are many ways talking with your agent before turning in a claim can be beneficial to you. You can always give us a call with any questions about your policies.

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